Full Service Solutions

Total School Solutions is a full-service firm serving the interests of school districts and students. We offer comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Educational Services & School Support,
  • Budget & Finance,
  • Facilities & Planning,
  • Human Resources,
  • Governance & Leadership,
  • Operations & Technology, and
  • Professional Development.

    Our approach values both immediate solutions and the development of programs for long-term success of the district and students.

    Principal and Administrative Coaching

    Hiring and retaining successful principals and other administrators and ensuring their success can be a challenge sometimes. While mostly the educators hired in these positions are appropriately qualified, the leadership effectiveness of these individuals is often not proven until after they assume their positions.

    TSS’s principal and administrator coaching is an excellent way to provide on-the-job practical support and leadership training for new site and district leaders. The coaches at TSS are not only qualified, but committed to helping school leaders succeed. Our professionals have enjoyed great success in providing valuable support and coaching to principals and other administrators at all levels in our client districts.

    To request more information on these coaching opportunities, please click here.

    Previous Professional Development Events

    • Common Core Strategies for Secondary History Classrooms

      Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014-Fairfield, CA
      Improve your knowledge of the Common Core Standards and increase your ability to teach them in your history/social science class. Discover what you need to do to better support the teachers in your school or district who are beginning this transition.

    • Common Core for Special Education
      Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013-Ontario, CA
      Thursday, Oct 17, 2013-Fairfield, CA
      Learn some masterful techniques regarding how to apply the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) collaboratively in a Special Education (SPED) world.  Discover the “what’s” and “how’s” in developing a multi-year strategic plan for implementation of CCCS for SPED.

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  • Upcoming Professional Development Event

    TSS/ACSA Common Core Series

    • Please stay tuned for the upcoming event.

    Recent Professional Development Events

    TSS/ACSA Common Core Series

          Focus on Teaching
          Administrator and teacher teams
          are encouraged to attend.

    • Common Core Strategies for Secondary English Classrooms

      Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014-Ontario, CA
      Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014-Fairfield, CA
      Secondary teachers will learn about the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and the pedagogical shifts they necessitate in classroom instructional strategies

    • Using the Common Core Standards to Improve Learning in the Science Classroom

      Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014-Ontario, CA
      Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014-Fairfield, CA
      The new Common Core State Standards should change the .manner in which Science is taught in California High Schools. Since students have all of the information at their fingertips through today’s technology, the student needs to focus less on mere content recall and more on higher level literacy and analysis skills.

    • The Clock is Ticking:
      Administrator’s Toolkit for a Successful Transition to the Common Core

      Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014-Ontario, CA
      In this session, site administrators will learn how to implement necessary changes at their schools to bring the Common Core transition to a successful conclusion. School-wide systemic change does not happen without thoughtful and skilled planning. The keys to successful system-wide change will be discussed.

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