Full Service Solutions

Total School Solutions is a full-service firm serving the interests of school districts and students. We offer comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Educational Services & School Support,
  • Budget & Finance,
  • Facilities & Planning,
  • Human Resources,
  • Governance & Leadership,
  • Operations & Technology, and
  • Professional Development.

    Our approach values both immediate solutions and the development of programs for long-term success of the district and students.

    Principal and Administrative Coaching

    Hiring and retaining successful principals and other administrators and ensuring their success can be a challenge sometimes. While mostly the educators hired in these positions are appropriately qualified, the leadership effectiveness of these individuals is often not proven until after they assume their positions.

    TSS’s principal and administrator coaching is an excellent way to provide on-the-job practical support and leadership training for new site and district leaders. The coaches at TSS are not only qualified, but committed to helping school leaders succeed. Our professionals have enjoyed great success in providing valuable support and coaching to principals and other administrators at all levels in our client districts.

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  • ACSA/TSS Training Programs for Classified Leaders

    ACSA and TSS are offering comprehensive training programs for leaders in certain critical classified management positions. These excellent training programs will minimize future hiring risks by preparing a pool of properly trained candidates for these positions. These in-depth and focused programs will also provide opportunities to build local capacity by having incumbents and other existing employees with promise and potential properly trained.

    The training will be offered to develop and/or expand skill, knowledge and know-how of the professionals who serve or inspire to serve in the following positions:

    (Click on your area of interest to access course outline and registration information.)

    Keys to a Successful Common Core Implementation:
    A Curriculum and Assessment Program for Systemic Improvement
    Focus on Secondary: Grades 6-12

    This half-day session will focus on the key elements a district/site should consider for a successful and sustainable transition to the Common Core.

    The presenter will share specific examples of pacing guides/curriculum maps and benchmark assessments aligned to the Smarter Balanced assessment types.


    An Online Education Resource

    Enjoy a comprehensive publication for the instructors, administrators and other classified employees alike. Stay up-to-date on key eduaction news and inside information. Visit edbrief.com to review and subscribe.